The Scholastic Bookshelf
As society becomes more complex, children have bigger questions that come with complicated answers.
While 61% of parents and teachers often use stories to help have tough conversations with kids, they are turning more frequently to social media for advice – roughly 3 in 5 millennial parents look to social media for parenting advice at least 3–6 times a week. With 100 years of storytelling expertise, Scholastic saw their centennial as an opportunity to recapture attention and engagement from millennial parents and teachers, a target with which they are losing relevance, by meeting them where they are: on social. 
We created @scholasticbookshelf: an Instagram bookshelf that brings the Scholastic library to life with hundreds of stories that help parents and teachers start conversations with children about topics big and small, and equips them with the words they need to talk to kids of all ages.
Through social listening and qualitative/quantitative research, we found over 60 topics that parents and teachers needed help discussing with their kids. From there, we curated hundreds of Scholastic stories, designed custom illustrations, and read over 70 books and magazines to create conversation-starters that equip grown-ups with the words they need to help answer some of life’s big questions.
With an extensive integrated launch plan, we showed a new generation of parents and teachers that you can always start a conversation with a story.
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