M.L. Webb is an author, illustrator & graphic designer.
Y FIRST PICTURE BOOK, The GayBCs is now available wherever books are sold! It's a joyous, timely alphabet book of LGBTQ+ vocabulary, celebrating the beauty of embracing one's truest self. A playdate extravaganza transforms into a celebration of friendship, love, and identity as four friends sashay out of all the closets, dress up in a wardrobe fit for kings and queens, and discover the wonder of imagination.

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What I Do
Whether you need one illustration or a dozen, a website or an app, I can help you get the job done.
Hand-crafted art can tell an original story like nothing else. Let me help you tell yours.
Making your mark can be tough, but I'll work with you to build a brand worth noticing.
I also write and illustrate books. Check out my new one, The GayBCs, available now.
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