The GayBCs
A joyful celebration of LGBTQ+ vocabulary for kids of all ages!
A playdate extravaganza transforms into a celebration of friendship, love, and identity as four friends sashay out of all the closets, dress up in a wardrobe fit for kings and queens, and discover the wonder of imagination.

A glossary in the back offers opportunity for further discussion of terms and identities. The GayBCs is perfect for fans of A Is for Activist and Feminist Baby—showing kids and adults alike that every identity is worthy of being celebrated.
Praise for The GayBCs
★ A Red Tricyle Best Kids Book of 2019 ★
"Webb's book creates a space for kids to voice their questions about the LGBTQ+ community and the many labels that lie within it, in a way that promotes curiosity."
- Booklist
"The GayBCs should be required reading for all children."
- But Why Tho?
"An invaluable resource for demystifying LGBTQ+ vocab for kids...packed with the type of positive messages I love sharing with my kids and I want all kids to hear..."
- Dad Suggests
“The perfect way to teach your kiddos LGBTQ+ vocab while celebrating the beauty of embracing yourself and others.”
- KIWI Magazine
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